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More than Chemistry

What kind of person are you,
To be here when you're so far away?
How can it be something new,
If you know but you lie any way?
It's always what you still are,
'Cause you never find out what to be.
Don't you know what you want,
Don't you know it's more than chemistry?
'Cause I know you try to identify,
And don't you pray for a reason to cry?
Don't you want what you want,
More than what you find?
Won't you tell me what you want deep inside?!
I can feel it, so I know it's there.
It's not what you have, it's not even fair.
It's not just for you, it's everywhere...
...And it's naive, to believe it will remain.
It's so much harder to make the note sustain.
You'll find a way you can possibly explain,
What you want, what you need are both the same.

- Joe Gates, aged 15.